Privacy Policy

W3flip affords your account’s privacy information the greatest level of importance. We abide to the Privacy Act of nineteen ninety eight (Cth) (“Act”) in regards to the way your personal information is handled by us and the way we answer to your requests of accessing and correcting it. We make great efforts to make sure the information you provide us is kept confidential and private and we have detailed our Privacy Policy below in compliance with the Act. Below we cover the obligations both parties have when it comes to handling procedures and your personal information.

Collecting information

Personal information is only going to be collected when we deem it’s necessary for conducting our business. Our personal information collection practices are not intrusive and do not cross in any way. Our customers can request to know exactly the identity of the collecting entity, the reason the collection was made, the best way to gain access to your personal info and the consequences of refusing to comply with the collection itself.

Depending on the situation, information will only be collected from you, but only if this is practical and reasonable for us. However, in order to be effective in fulfilling our role, we may need to contact multiple external sources to verify, confirm or obtain your personal information and this includes the government and other third parties.

In case we do collect personal information by using a third party, we are going to inform you about it. You’ll also be informed on the reason we requested your personal information, how we plan on using it and the parties we may disclose it to. We also accept that you contact us in order to update, correct or confirm the information. However, we won’t make similar requests to third parties in situations where doing so wouldn not be practical.

Disclosure and use of information

In most cases, your personal information won’t be disclosed unless it’s for the purpose of offering or providing you with services or goods, for purposes authorized or disclosed by you, for purposes authorized by law and any other purposes you can reasonably expect. Some examples would include disclosures to entities such as companies that provide us professional advice, including business advisors, accountants and solicitors.

There are dozens of laws requiring the provision of personal info to third parties and the AAA 2001 is one of them (Cth). The exact info to be provided greatly depends on the types of circumstances that deem the disclosure of that specific info necessary.

When possible, we are going to try and keep all personal info confidential. If your personal information is indeed disclosed, it’s only going to be in order to provide you with services or goods.

If using our online form in order to submit personal information, it may be subject to processing by third parties. Therefore, using our online form for this purpose you agree the information can be disclosed to third parties that can be located overseas, for the exclusive purpose of having the online form processed.

If needed to prevent, lessen or avoid a crime or serious emergency, we may disclose or use your personal information. We will always make a written record of such a disclosure or use if we ever use your personal information in such circumstances.

Information Security

We take great strides in order to ensure your personal information, including electronic and hard copy records are secured so they are fully protected from disclosure, modification and unauthorized access. Once it’s no longer necessary by the law to keep your personal information, we will delete it from our records.

Correction and Data Access Gaining access to your personal info can be done at any time as long as you get in touch with our privacy officer by E-mail (privacy@, by facsimile on 02 0890 8201 or by mail at W3flip forty eight Cambridge Street, London, United Kingdom. Requests made don’t need to be backed up by any reasons. If collecting or locating your personal info takes a long time, we may charge you a small fee. The same applies if we need to present your information in a specific form.

On a few exceptional occasions, especially when permitted under the Act, we may be unable to give you access to your personal information. Some examples would be when the law requires us to withhold access to your information or where access to it jeopardizes the privacy of others. In such circumstances, you will be informed on the reason behind our refusal. If your personal information is incorrect or outdated, you can get in touch with us in order to update it.

Transfer of Information Overseas

Whenever you submit information to W3flip, you agree that it can be transferred to any jurisdiction in which W3flip runs its business activities, including the United Kingdom, USA and Australia and only for the purpose of allowing W3flip to provide you various services.

Otherwise, we are only going to have your personal information transferred overseas only in the event it’s going to be to your authorized representatives or to you. This will be done in accordance with the National Privacy Principles or with your expressed agreement. Under no other circumstances will we send your personal information outside the country (United Kingdom).